Does Bahamas Sewage Control comply with the Water and Sewerage Corporation Act?

We follow all guidelines and regulations set out by the relevant authorities.

Is this company affiliated with Government/Water and Sewage?

No Bahamas Sewage Control is a privately owned and operated company no affiliation with The Bahamas Government.

Do I need an appointment?

We do take non schedule clients however; you are placed in a queue and serviced in the order of your booking.

How do I contact you in case of emergency?

Feel free to contact us via any of our numbers or social media platforms to check for availability.


How do I pay for a service online?

Click on the lime green button in the right hand corner of the page and follow the steps to submit your payment.

How do I book a service online?

Please enter the information under the book now tab and submit.

Click here to Book Now

Do we pump half loads?

We can pump either your septic or soak away. We do not pump half from both sides

Do we sell septic tanks?

No we do not sell septic tanks

Do we repair septic tanks?.

At this time we only reseal the tbe septic covers that we open to pump

How much loads do a septic have in The Bahamas?

Standard size tanks have approximately 2,400 gallons. 1200 in the septic and 1200 in the soak a way.